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And the journey begins...

  • 2013

    The Struggle Begins

    In 2013, we were looking for a place to watch a pay-per-view fight. After calling several local sports bars and restaurants, we realized there weren't any good outlets that provided information on free and low-cost events in San Diego county. There are plenty of mid-priced and luxury options for San Diego residents, but it was hard to find entertaining options on the cheap.

  • 2014

    O Event, Where Art Thou?

    After calling several businesses and searching for fun events to attend on multiple occasions, we were having little to no luck! Options were few and the ones we did find were often unknown or sold out. If we had this problem, we figured others probably did too. This led to the creation of exclusiveMinds, made exclusively for San Diego residents looking for highly rated local events that interest them, all in one place!

  • January 2015

    Prepare For Launch

    exclusiveMinds is born! Well, just about. We are in beta right now and still testing some things out to make sure you have the best experience. Request an invite now and stay ahead of everyone else. We look forward to sharing the world of exclusiveMinds with you soon.

  • What's Next?

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Jaime Roman

VP Client Services

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